Daily menu

Our Healthy Menu

Our marvelous cook is busy in the kitchen each day cooking up exciting, nourishing, and healthy meals for our children.

Our menu consists on a well balanced diet, focused on childrens needs and aware of individual requirements.

Mamama Baby School promotes nutrition and physical activity as part of a healthy environment.

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Daily Tasty Meals

Some of our meals


Experimenting with different flavours is a brilliant part of developing your child’s tastes and these healthy, mild dishes make a great starting point for introducing them to spicier food.


Freshly made puree make a great staple food for quick lunchtime meals. We serve some of the classics. This zuchinni soup is packed full of pulses and sweetened with grated apple and sweet potato, they are all just wonderful and we love them too!


Homemade pizza. We let our Big Monkeys to experiment with decorating their own using healthy toppings which also count towards their 5-a-day. This makes mealtime fun and the end products are bound to be a hit! You also want to try it, right!